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                 Xiamen Botest Business service Co., Ltd bases on Fujian market, faces the international market, is a professional technology service company of testing and certification in plumbing &bathing, biodegradation/compost/
                disintergration,handware and building materials, electrical and electronic, machinery and saving energy&water.
                We mainly provide UPC, NSF, AB 1953, ACS, NF, CSTB, WRAS, DVGW, KTW, DIBt,WaterMark, WELS, PED, ATEX,CE, CB, GS, UL, ETL, EMC,
                FCC, CCC, CQC approval services, and keeps good cooperative relationship with the world's most authoritative certification organizations such as:  UL, CSA, TUV,SGS, ITS, IAPMO, IPL, SAI, TZW, CQC, BPI, BNQ, AIB VINCOTTE, DIN CERTCO, JBPA, KBPA. Botest gets foreign organization's full approval and forms a strategic partner relationship in consideration of our integrity, professional and responsibility.
                We have focused on international (the European Union, the United States, Australia countries) safety regulations and product standards research and application, provide standards counselling, product testing ,global multinational approval and other technical support service for production of products for Chinese enterprises and foreign trade export enterprises, and help enterprises satisfy Europe and the United States technology and trade barriers, reduce trade risk. In the certification consultation, standards analysis, factory audit, materials translation and documentations formation and other fields have rich theory and application and practical experience. As a knowledge-based organization, "mutual benefit from cooperation, to provide more professional satisfied service" is our consistent philosophy.
                Our company which focuses on product testing and certification is a professional third-party technology service organization. If your company's products on the market encounter problems of testing and certification, welcome to consult us! We will let your products sell to Europe, America, Australia, Japan and other international market smoothly!