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                 Dear colleagues

                Entrusted by the board of directors, on behalf of Xiamen Boshi Business Service Co., Ltd., I sincerely welcome you and congratulate you on becoming an employee of Xiamen Boshi Business Service Co., Ltd! As a member of the company, I share the same wish with you, that is, to build the company into a third-party certification organization which is innovative but not conservative, standardized but not rigid, strict but not democratic. Every employee of our company is equal in front of the company's rules and regulations. Everyone equally enjoys rights and performs obligations in accordance with the company's system and job responsibilities. The company respects all the rights given to each employee by laws, regulations and company rules.

                In order to create a healthy, orderly and civilized working environment, and for a better tomorrow of the company, I propose to you: abide by the national laws and regulations, abide by the company's rules and regulations, successfully complete the business entrusted by customers, love their jobs, work hard, work together, unite, and build the company better and develop better!

                Xiamen Boshi Business Service Co., Ltd

                General manager: Huang Shuilong

                February 9, 2015