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                • FloorScore? IAQ Certification

                  FloorScore? IAQ Certification

                  FloorScore IAQ Certification Whats your floorings FloorScore? Is your flooring promoting healthy indoor air quality? How do you know? Its easy to find out. Just look for the FloorScore seal. If you see...

                • ETAs - (European Technical Approvals)

                  ETAs - (European Technical Approvals)

                  ETAs - (European Technical Approvals) An ETA is required when no harmonised European product standard (HEN) exists for a product against which conformity and hence CE marking can be based An ETA for a ...

                • AAMA Certification or approval

                  AAMA Certification or approval

                  PRODUCT CERTIFICATION Get your sales reps talking about AAMA Certification. Visit the Contact Us pageto request a free copy of the AAMA Certification Program tool kit. This interactive DVD provides an ...

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