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                • Construction Fixings Association

                  Construction Fixings Association

                  THE ASSOCIATION Founded in 1979, the Construction Fixings Association is a trade association which comprises major manufacturers of construction fixings with a significant UK presence. The Association ...

                • TFI Approval-Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH

                  TFI Approval-Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH

                  Certification Technical Approvals CE-Labelling Environmental Label Blauer Engel GUT ISO 9001 / 14000 Carpet Quality Club National Technical Approvals (DIBt) The Textiles Flooring Institute GmbH is accr...

                • ETA Approval/EOTA certification/ETAG certification-European

                  ETA Approval/EOTA certification/ETAG certification-European

                  What is EOTA? T he E uropean O rganisation for T echnical A pprovals (EOTA) comprises the Approval Bodies nominated to issue European Technical Approvals ( ETAs ) by EU Member States and EFTA States wh...

                • U-Mark approval(DIBt approval)

                  U-Mark approval(DIBt approval)

                  Let me give you an overview over the steps to U-Mark final certification, just to explain why some of the information is needed now: -We prepare a test program for determination of resistance of the sy...

                • Sinyu Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd

                  Sinyu Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd

                  Underour help, Sinyu Technology (Fujian) Co., Ltd got ACS approval of lots of models, which lets them sell productis to France market smoothly!...