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                • Construction Fixings Association

                  Construction Fixings Association

                  THE ASSOCIATION Founded in 1979, the Construction Fixings Association is a trade association which comprises major manufacturers of construction fixings with a significant UK presence. The Association ...

                • TFI Approval-Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH

                  TFI Approval-Textiles & Flooring Institute GmbH

                  Certification Technical Approvals CE-Labelling Environmental Label Blauer Engel GUT ISO 9001 / 14000 Carpet Quality Club National Technical Approvals (DIBt) The Textiles Flooring Institute GmbH is accr...

                • ETA Approval/EOTA certification/ETAG certification-European

                  ETA Approval/EOTA certification/ETAG certification-European

                  What is EOTA? T he E uropean O rganisation for T echnical A pprovals (EOTA) comprises the Approval Bodies nominated to issue European Technical Approvals ( ETAs ) by EU Member States and EFTA States wh...

                • U-Mark approval(DIBt approval)

                  U-Mark approval(DIBt approval)

                  Let me give you an overview over the steps to U-Mark final certification, just to explain why some of the information is needed now: -We prepare a test program for determination of resistance of the sy...

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