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                Design Style

                White is used in large amounts as the base color in the hotel lobby in order to highlight the purity and spotlessness of this space. The most special piece in design and valuable in production costs is the lamp made out of Spanish stone which is reflected in shape and pattern on the marble floor and adds an effect of flamboyance to the lobby.  The Shrine displayed behind the front desk was once in the possession of officials from the Shanxi province during the Ming Dynasty and is currently the only one of its kind in China that is so well preserved. The amazing antique residential gate at the entrance was moved in one piece directly from Shanxi Province. Together with the 5 replicas of the ‘Yongle Palace Paintings’ from the Yuan dynasty, these invaluable and priceless treasures that are collected from various dynasties of Chinese history are jewels of the hotel, immaculately decorating the grand lobby.